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Program Hiatus

Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19, JLS will not be offering any programs for the 2020-2021 academic year.

2020-2021 Programs

All programs are on hiatus until further notice.

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Educational Method

"In looking at the stars or the sea, in falling in love with someone, in looking with tenderness at their children, in ardently seeking to know and use nature, human beings of every time, every race, seek happiness: what is true, what is just, what is beautiful." - Luigi Giussani, address in Nagoya, Japan (1987)

At Jérôme Lejeune School, we respect and value each student as a child of God. We believe that education is an experience that springs from an encounter that engages our freedom and solicits our responsibility, making life truly human. 

Our unique approach to education encompasses the search for human happiness and fulfillment grounded in truth, justice, beauty, freedom, responsibility, the authority and loving witness of the educators, community, and critical reasoning. 

Our purpose is to accompany each student on their journey to reach their full potential. To embrace the fact of life as a vocation, and to educate their heart to an awareness of the divine givenness of the world and all that is in and beyond it. 

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School Visits

Postponed until further notice

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“The CHILD is both a HOPE and a PROMISE for mankind.”

~ Maria Montessori, Education and Peace


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